Controller GLC 100

The GLC100 controller is intended to manage a single light source (light socket) operating within outdoor lighting (i.e. street, car park or park lighting) control systems.


The controller utilizes LonWorks communication standard over power lines (PowerLine communication) helping significantly reduce installation costs.The controller enables full control of a light source – managing light intensity, power usage metering, diagnosing and reporting occurrences and malfunctions. This in turn enables implementation of algorithms to significantly reduce power usage (cost and CO2 emission reduction) and reduce servicing costs.

Main advantages:

  • Works with electronic and electromagnetic ballasts.
  • Gradual (0-100%) and discrete (2 levels) light dimming.
  • Ability to control each light source independently.
  • Ability to monitor each light power consumption independently.
  • Powerful measurement module (energy and power active and reactive, power factor, THD).
  • Monitoring lamp status (malfunction detection and reporting) – lower servicing cost.
  • Flexible and decentralized network structure – better functionality and reliability.
  • Advanced routing algorithms – wide network range.
  • Low installation costs – communication using 230VAC electrical network.
  • Installation in a lamp socket or a lamp post.
  • Over the network software upgrade.
  • LonWorks compatibility.
  • LonMark compatibility.


  1. GLC1xx_DS24en – GreenLight Controller GLC100 ver.2.4 Series

Set GLC132AZB50

Following discussions with installers and engineers designing intelligent control systems have recognized the need to accelerate and facilitate the installation of system components. Response to customer demand, our company is set GLC132AZB50.


By placing all components of the above mentioned one very neat housing has improved the speed and certainty of assembly work. In the case of object-oriented work are very important parameters, since assembly errors are difficult to locate and expensive to repair.

Controller GLC 200

The GLC series 200 controller allows to control two ballasts or LED lamp power supplies. Such solution significantly reduces installation cost in case there are two independent luminaries installed on the same lamp post.


Until now to fully utilize the system it was necessary to install two GLC100 controllers. From now on it is possible to control two lamps using just one GLC200 device.


  1. GLC2xx_DS25en – GreenLight Controller GLC200 ver.2.5 Series
  2. GLC2xx_DS24en – GreenLight Controller GLC200 ver.2.0 Series

GreenVoltage Controller GVC10

APANET Green System created Lightning Controller GVC-10 which works based on the supply voltage measurements.


Device that allows using not only HPS and MH ballasts but also LED power supplies with their full functionality in networks with central power reduction. The controller GVC-10 controls luminaire using interface DALI or 1-10V – based on the current measurement of input voltage. As a result modern luminaire works as a traditional one while retaining its advantages.


  1. GVC10_DS11en – Green Voltage Controller GVC10