Apanet Green System Sp. z o.o.

About our system

Description of control system

The lighting control system is an open system according to the European Commission document “European Interoperability Framework Version 1.0”, which defines an open standard as:

  • created and managed by a non-profit organisation;
  • published – its specification is available to all interested parties;
  • all copyrights, patents and other industrial property related to the standard are irrevocably available free of charge;
  • there are no restrictions on its use.

The system is based on the ISO/IEC 14908 and the openness of the system is certified by the independent organisation LonMark International.

The main controller (SC) sends power reduction information via the power cables to the luminaires, which are supplied via control modules located in the light pole connection boxes, allowing full control of the luminaire operation.

The system enables:

  • infinitely adjust the power of each lamp individually, as well as in groups, within a range of at least 50–100% power, via a 1–10 V interface or DALI,
  • on-demand lighting control via web page,
  • creating new or changing the existing lighting zones (groups of luminaires controlled identically), without having to invest in lighting infrastructure,
  • independent control of each zone,
  • detection and reporting of failure of each light source and cabinet,
  • measurement of power consumption of individual luminaires at defined time intervals,
  • implementation of automatic control algorithms aimed at electricity consumption savings,
  • compatibility with luminaire controllers from at least three independent manufacturers,
  • connection to the existing lighting supply network of other electrical devices which will be permanently supplied with 230 V regardless of the lighting control,
  • logging of events, alarms, failures (e.g. lighting on/off, change of mode) and periodic generation of predefined reports with the option of exporting data to a CSV file.