GreenLights Server is designed to manage a GLC100 series controllers network controlling separate light sources (street, car park or park lighting, etc.) Communication with controllers utilises LonWorks standard over power lines (PowerLine communication).


The GreenLight system server is a key element in the entire system. Based on an Echelon hardware and APANET Green System dedicated software the GreenLight server enables:

  • implementation of control algorithms helping reduce outdoor lighting cost (both energy consumption as well as running and servicing costs);
  • acquisition and sharing network measurement and operational data (energy consumption, operating time, malfunction time etc.);
  • advanced network component management including data flow control systems (routing) significantly increasing network range (up to 4km range in standard power grid);
  • clustering light sources and creating virtual lighting installations (dedicated to individual customers with the possibility of sharing one installation by several customers and calculating energy consumption independently for each one of them);
  • web browser access from anywhere using any hardware (PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone) – Web 2.0 server;


  1. GreenLightServer_DS10en – GreenLight Serwer Echelon SmartServer 2.0